Hey food lovers! If you haven’t explored the eats and treats of Hutt Street in Adelaide, you’re seriously missing out. This cozy street, sprinkled with both historic charm and trendy vibes, is like a food paradise waiting to be devoured. You’ve got old-school spots serving dishes like grandma used to make and cool new joints mixing things up in the kitchen. Every corner has a story, whether it’s about age-old recipes or the latest food trend everyone’s raving about.

Now, with so many places to munch and sip, you might wonder, “Where do I even start?” Well, that’s where we come in! We’ve cooked up a one-day food adventure that’ll take you to the yummiest spots on Hutt Street. From sunup to way past sundown, we’ve got you covered. Think of it as your ultimate foodie bucket list for a day of non-stop eating (and hey, maybe a little drinking too). So, put on those stretchy pants and get ready to eat your way through the best of Hutt Street in just one day. Ready? Let’s dig in!


Breakfast on Hutt Street: Where Morning Magic Begins

First stop: Biga Cafe, your morning sanctuary. You’ve got to try their dreamy ricotta pancakes. With a splash of maple and a berry explosion on top, you’ll be daydreaming about them way after you’ve licked the plate clean.

A few steps away, you’ll stumble upon Coffylosophy. Now, if you’re the kind whose day doesn’t start without caffeine, this is your sanctuary. For those in the know in Adelaide, Coffylosophy is the real deal. If you’re after a coffee that packs a punch, this is your jam. Hungry? Dive into their menu and thank us later. Whether you’re an early bird or more of an all-day grazer, they’ve got something to hit the spot, not to mention some delish sweet treats for good measure.

Last but by no means least, there’s Mascavado, a prime spot for chill coffee hangs and indulging in a mean croissant. Feeling something savoury? Dive into their goat cheese and leek quiche or grab a sausage croissant slathered in BBQ goodness. And for the sweet lovers, you’re in for a treat with picks like berry-rosemary Danishes or a unique chamomile-ricotta-honey cake combo.

Mid Morning Pastries

Drop by Old Croissant Factory, and you’re in for a real treat. No joke, they whip up their croissants and pastries right there, and when you take a bite, you can tell – it’s like a little piece of freshly-baked heaven every time. They’re not just serving up the usual suspects either. They’ve got, hands down, one of the most epic croissant line-ups in Adelaide. So whether you’re a classic buttery fan or looking for something new, there’s a flaky delight waiting with your name on it.

A hop, skip, and a jump away is Coffee and Croissant. Known for its bohemian vibes and eclectic décor, it’s a haven for those who appreciate the quirkier side of life. Their matcha latte, creamy and just the right amount of sweet, is a must-try. 

Last, but by no means least, is Cibo. With its airy ambiance, it’s the spot to relax and people-watch. Their Italian-inspired pastries, especially the cannoli filled with ricotta and dusted with pistachios, are heavenly. Grab a bunch of flowers to go from the Flower Hutt right next door.

Hutt Street Lunch Spots: Where to Chow Down!

First, check out Royal Delicatessen at Ride Contour. Think of it as a chill spot where killer sandwiches meet cool bikes. Grab their Roast Beef and Caramelized Onion Ciabatta. It’s kind of like if sandwiches had rockstars – this would be it. Plus, the whole vibe with the bicycles? Totally Instagram-worthy.

Towards South Terrace, you’ll find Arab Steed Hotel. The food? Stellar. The crew? Super welcoming – and they’ve been nailing it for over a hundred years. Whether you’re an ‘Arab’ regular or just popping by for the first time, you’re in for some friendly nods and chats. If your stomach’s rumbling, dive into their lunch menu from 12 to 3. Got weekend plans? They’ve got you with all-day dining from Friday to Sunday.

Named after the main man, Mohammad Khan, MK’s Café is serving up handcrafted burgers right in Adelaide’s East End that’ll hit all the right notes, no matter what you’re into. Now, if you’re up for a treat, dive into ‘The Frankenstein’. Imagine a beef patty and a chicken patty coming together in a scrumptious hug, jazzed up with some fresh spinach and rocket, then layered with tomato, red onion, and mayo. That green kick from the spinach and rocket? Game-changer.

Afternoon Delights on Hutt Street: Snack Time, Anyone?

When that afternoon munchies kick in, Hutt Street is the place to be. Here’s the lowdown.

If you’re on the hunt for a feast that’s perfect for divvying up with the crew, look no further than Ballaboosta. Their menu? Chock-full of goodies perfect for passing around. I’m talking mouth-watering flatbreads, tantalising street mezze, fresh salads, and – wait for it – wood-fired pizzas that are straight-up legendary. And hey, if you’ve still got room after all that (or even if you don’t, make room), dive into their desserts and those irresistible homemade biscuits. It’s a sharing kind of vibe, and you’ll want to grab a bit of everything.

Over at Bar Torino, it’s all about tapas and drinks. Order their patatas bravas – think crispy potatoes slathered in spicy tomato sauce. Oh, and you can’t skip their refreshing sangria; it’s like summer in a glass. The vibe? Modern with a hint of Mediterranean. Perfect for unwinding and maybe even forgetting you’ve got work the next day.

So, when that afternoon hunger strikes, remember Hutt Street’s got your snack cravings sorted!

Dinner on Hutt Street: Feast Mode On

Alright, the sun’s going down and those dinner bells are ringing. Let’s see where Hutt Street can take your taste buds tonight.

First off, Chianti. This place is Italian dining at its finest, but without all the fuss. You’ve got to try their Osso Buco. Slow-cooked, melt-in-your-mouth goodness paired perfectly with a glass of their house red. The vibe? Think classic Italy meets modern Adelaide – romantic, but also cool enough for a dinner with mates.

Now, if you’re in the mood for a sizzle, BeWon Korean BBQ is where it’s at. Grill your own bulgogi right at the table. It’s interactive, it’s fun, and let’s be honest, it’s delicious. Pair it with a cold bottle of soju and let the good times roll. The setting? Casual, with a side of K-pop vibes.

Last stop, Havelock Hotel. Fresh off a fancy refurb for its big 150th birthday bash, the place now blends the old-school charm we all know and love with some snazzy new upgrades. Slide into the front bar, and you’ll feel that classic pub vibe we’ve been missing. They’ve put in a lot of elbow grease to bring back that warm, golden-age feel. Craving a view with your brew? Head on upstairs. The revamped area flaunts a heritage balcony that’s got a killer view of Hutt Street in all its glory.

So, ready to dinner-hop?

Hutt Street Nightcaps: Because Who Wants to Call it a Night Yet?

The stars are out, but if your night’s still young, Hutt Street has a few more treats up its sleeve.

Over at Olivia Hotel, things are just heating up. Wander into their warm yet eccentric bar and snag one of a killer cocktail, unique wine or craft beer. Owner and consummate host Simon always keeps it interesting. If you’re into something playful, they’ve got Quiz nights, artsy drawing nights, and a bunch of live music gigs going on. Worth checking out!

If wine’s more your jam, Parco Espresso and Wine Bar has you covered. By day, it’s all about caffeine; by night, it transforms into this intimate wine haven. Their cheese platter, paired with a glass of their finest Shiraz, is pure late-night perfection. Candlelit tables, soft chatter, and wine – could it get any better?


Sweet Finale on Hutt Street: Because Dessert is Always a Good Idea!

If you’re one of those “always room for dessert” folks, Hutt Street is basically your dreamland.

Naughty Nana’s Cookies? Yeah, it’s as fun as it sounds. They are taking cookies to the next level. You’ve got to try their ‘Triple Chocolate Sin’ – gooey, rich, and oh-so-chocolatey. Plus, the vibe? It’s like visiting your coolest grandma, if she had neon lights and played indie tunes.

Next, take a stroll to The Sugar Man. It’s a wonderland for the sweet-toothed. Their Berry Cheesecake Parfait is legendary. Layers of creaminess, tart berries, and just the right crunch. It’s a fusion of textures and flavours that’ll make your taste buds dance. The place itself feels like a posh candy store for adults. A must-visit!

Lastly, swing by Bocelli Caffe Ristorante. Classic Italian with a twist. Their Tiramisu, with a hint of Amaretto, is an absolute showstopper. Served in an elegant setting that makes you feel like you’re in an old Italian movie, it’s a blissful end to any meal. So, ready for your sugar rush on Hutt Street?

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Alright, fellow food lovers, that’s a wrap on our Hutt Street culinary tour! We’ve taken you from dawn to dusk, sharing the crevices and corners of this charming Adelaide avenue. But remember, nothing beats the actual experience. So, lace up those walking shoes, gather your friends or just bring along your appetite, and head on down to Hutt Street. Dive into this foodie haven and create your own delicious tales. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, Hutt Street is always ready to share its plate with you. We hope to see you soon, savouring every bite and sipping every brew. Cheers to many delectable adventures ahead!