Jin’s Coffee Hutt is hosting CYAN for South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA) from 1 – 21 August.

Two artists, Pei Jie Lee and Sammi Sum Yi Wong are exhibiting their artwork within the shopfront in a joint exhibition of painting and photography exploring emotions and identity. 

In 2013, PJ & Sammi met at Art School Unisa and this is the duo’s first SALA collaboration after graduation.

Using the camera as a media Sammi transforms the emotions and feelings of her inner self into images.

She develops her art into mixed media by film, digital images and painting and always gets a feeling that everything seems better through the camera lens, including the reality.

PJ’s paintings are psychological analysis of memories centred upon the human face as a metaphor for the human condition. She is the finalist of the Black Swan Portraiture Prize (2016).

More information HERE.