Live art, live music and tasty craft beer come together for a unique Umbrella Festival event on Friday August 20 at Vault 134.

Art & Craft will showcase creatives participating in the Vaulting Ambitions program, which is a strategic partnership between Expressions Media and City of Adelaide.

Libby Trainor Parker, Director of Expressions Media and the brains behind Vaulting Ambitions, is excited to see the program’s participants shine.

“We’re so lucky here in Adelaide to even be able to have an event in this current climate, so we are keen to make this a fun, weird, wonderful and completely artistic affair,” she says. “The 18 creatives in the Vaulting Ambitions program have been so pro-active in their learning, collaborating, and building their networks and I am so proud of them all.”

The evening, which kicks off at 7:30pm, features live visual art from South Australian wildlife artist Kate Lewis (pictured), multidisciplinary artist Hussain Alismail who will be creating caricatures to live music, and poet Caitlin Ellen Moore with photographer Laura Franklin who will be collaborating on a poetry photography performance.

Kate Lewis is excited to be debuting her collection at the showcase this Friday night as part of the partnership program, which also includes relaxing folk music from Bysea (Simon Basey) as well as sweet, garage blues by The Dead Regulars.

“I am thrilled to be debuting the first paintings in my Australian Bird collection as part of Vaulting Ambitions,” she says. “I can’t wait to see how people respond to my Australian wildlife art. It can sometimes be intimidating to put work that is so close to your heart out there for the public to see, but the Vaulting Ambitions program participants have been so supportive and inspiring. It has been incredibly helpful to be surrounded by so many experienced art makers as part of the Ambitions program. The program has taught me new skills in the workshops that I have already implemented in my business with great success.”

The Vaulting Ambitions program draws together emerging creatives from all disciplines and backgrounds to develop their craft at the Vault 134 creative learning hub – a Renew Adelaide venture.

This is a licensed, all-ages gig – entry is free and presented as part of a partnership with the City of Adelaide. More information HERE.