Hatha Yoga Shala
Website: https://yogashala.com.au
Address: 172 Hutt St, Adelaide 5000
Phone: (08) 8223 2902
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Hatha Yoga is a science of cultivating the connection between the physical, energetic, and mental levels of the human form. It’s practice is both the development and experience of Raja Yoga (meditation).

The Hatha Yoga Shala is dedicated to teaching in the style of Shadow Yoga. Shandor Remete, the founder of Shadow Yoga, developed this system from his lifelong practice and study of Hatha Yoga, martial arts, and traditional dance.

Fixed sequences of movement (Prelude Forms) are initially cultivated that prepare the body and mind for practice of asana (posture). The Prelude Forms use dynamic stances that gracefully flow together with rythmic breath control.

Their practice improves the health of the bodies tissues, the functioning of all organic systems, they develop strength, suppleness, balance, and create focus and awareness for correct practice of asana.

Asanas are developed according to each individuals requirements to improve, and direct their energies into balance and health.