Hutt Street General Practice
Address: 188 Hutt Street, Adelaide
Phone: (08) 8223 3918

Your Health Clinic at Hutt Street in the City recognises that a person’s health and wellbeing are personal and that their role is to provide healthcare in a manner best suited to each of the people who visit for advice and support.

Hutt Street General Practice is owned by South Australians who first set up a general practice in the western suburbs of Adelaide in 1980. From that small beginning, the clinic now provides healthcare and medical advice to South Australians from four clinics across Adelaide.

Apart from their day-to-day consultations on general health issues, Hutt Street General Practice doctors’ areas of special interest also include paediatrics, chronic illness and depression, sexual and reproductive health, dermatology and chronic fatigue syndrome.

As a mixed billing practice, they generally offer bulk billing to concession card holders, pension cardholders and children under the age of 16. Please note that this may vary between doctors.

Hutt Street General Practice is open 5 days a week from 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.