Life Personal Trainers, is not your usual fitness fanatic family business dedicated to hard bodies and breaking records, although they are all about striving to be the best.

The best at enhancing people’s lives and building authentic relationships with their clients, that is.

“We are a personal fitness training studio delivering one-on-one exercise for our clients who are typically aged between 30-90 years old,” Managing Director Kristin Lewis says.

“We help busy people get exercise ‘done’! We have a highly skilled team of personal trainers who understand the needs of clients with differing fitness levels (very low to high), can manage and assist with injury issues and niggles, and make regular exercise achievable for all.”

Kristin has been a national level road cyclist, captain of Norwood Cycling Club, board member of Recreation SA and member of the Fitness Australia Business Council and is passionate about making fitness accessible.

“We create a professional environment that values health as a key element of success, inspires long term lifestyle change and delivers a positive exercise experience,” he says.

Kristin’s partner Tanya is a personal trainer, dietitian and sports dietitian, former board member of Sports Dieticians Australia and Sports Medicine Australia (SA), now dividing her time between Life PT and her young family.

And while the pair are managing the business as well as their family, they are still dedicated to creating genuine relationships with their clients to help them achieve their personal and fitness goals.

“Our customers are our family!” Kristin says. “We’ve been working with the majority of our clients for many years and enjoy sharing ‘life’ with them while keeping them exercising and fit, despite what life is currently throwing at them.”

Located at Level 1, 224 Hutt St Adelaide, Life Personal Trainers have an introductory offer for new clients which provides four, one hour initial personal training sessions for $194.00 (30 minute option also available).

To get started with this offer, submit an enquiry on Life PT’s website.

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