A wine tour company that celebrates, demystifies and enjoys wine has hit town and is now based on Hutt Street.

New World Wine Tour Co is based at Vault 134 on Hutt Street and offers a wide range of tours across South Australia, like Vegan tours, Grape to Glass, Wine 101 and more.

Founder and tour operator Ian Hooper started the company in 2019 and we hear on the grapevine, it’s going pretty well!

“We do small-scale, private wine tours and sensory workshops to empower wine drinkers everywhere to be adventurous and curious about vino,” Ian says.

From hosting private experiences, providing knowledge about wine and organise customised, single-day tour packages, New World Wine Tour Co is the company to tour with if you’re looking for an intimate, high end wine experience to enhance your knowledge and treat the tastebuds.

“When we tour the wineries, I love hearing our guests’ enthusiasm and questions!” Ian says. “It’s amazing what experiences my customers have had, and wine is such a great vehicle to hear their lives. It is so nice to finish a tour and feel like I’ve just made new friends.”

And now that the company has moved to Hutt Street, Ian gets to enjoy the tasting experiences we have here in our corner of the city.

“Hutt Street has a blend of cultures and people that enrich my daily experiences,” Ian says.

You can book a tour on the New World Wine Tour Co website and follow them on Instagram.

Ian Hooper from New World Wine Tour Co teaching Wine 101 at The Olivia Hotel on Hutt Street