Our Town & Country Office National Adelaide
Website: www.officenational.com.au/shop/en/adelaideotcon
Address: 258 Halifax Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Phone(08) 8232 3588

From a small operation in 1989 Our Town & Country Office National Adelaide has grown to become a dominant supplier of office stationery and computer supplies to business in the south-eastern region of Adelaide. The business grew quickly, and soon became too large for the old premises on Prospect Road at Prospect so they moved into Halifax Street, Adelaide.

The opening of a retail store in Hutt Street in 1994 enabled customers to come in and see stock first hand, which contributed to the business’ growth by encouraging people from local businesses to call in.

Our Town & Country Office National Adelaide joined the Office National Group, a marketing and buying consortium made up of over 150 independent office supply companies around Australia. Enabling them to maintain a low price policy and compete with the multi-national supply chains, while remaining South Australian owned and fiercely independent.

Our Town & Country Office National Adelaide Office National employs a range of experienced and skilled people from the office supplies industry capable of solving customers’ problems immediately and effectively.