City of Adelaide are excited to bring Art to the Streets this August using our public realm as the canvas and gallery space. Renowned artist Jack Fran has created tailored artwork’s specifically for Hutt Street utilising the themes and identity of Hutt Street.

The artwork will showcase an assembly of graphics, colours, words, and phrases designed to express the main street’s unique image and essence. The project aims to increase public art throughout the city and revitalise the main street as a key destination and attractor for businesses, residents, visitors, and tourists on Hutt Street.

1 Aug – 12 Sep
Viewable 24/7

Find SALA artists on Hutt Street

As part of the SALA festival, 5 businesses within Hutt Street and surrounds have exhibitions of local artists on display!

Old Crossiant Factory - LUNA by Artist Hyelee Woo

Bring the Moon to your place with Hyelee’s clay art.

2 Aug – 4 Sep
Tue-Sun 8am-3pm

SALA directory

The Old Croissant Factory
Unit 2/242 Hutt St, Adelaide
0432 510 722

Emiko Artemis at Hutt Street Library

City Lights, Colour Brights

Digital Photography by Emiko Artemis. Digital, An exhibition that revels in the joy of the city, colour and the love of the moment.

1-31 Aug
Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
Sat 10am-2pm

SALA directory

Hutt Street Library
235 Hutt St, Adelaide
8203 7524

Daniel Kean at Hutt Street Chicken & Seafood

Every Dog Will Have His Day

An exhibition of dogs.

13-27 Aug
Mon-Sat 11am-8pm
Opening Event 13 Aug , 06:00 pm-08:00 pm

Hutt St Chicken & Seafood
188 Hutt St, Adelaide
8223 6813

SALA directory

Hutt Street Library
235 Hutt St, Adelaide
8203 7524

Christian Best at Olivia Hotel


An ongoing collection of portraits by photographer Christian Best. Chris’s way of celebrating the value of his interactions in Adelaide while expressing gratitude for the city that has accommodated his growth as an artist.

1-31 Aug
Mon-Sun 4-10pm

SALA directory

The Olivia Hotel
170 Hutt St, Adelaide
0402 113 286

Cheryl Bridgart at Beltana House Gallery

No Words Needed

A lifelong dedication to textiles using line, colour, and form for aesthetic expression.


7-21 Aug
Thu-Sun 11am-5pm

SALA directory

Beltana House Gallery
364 Carrington St, Adelaide
0417 813 779